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TEST: The all-new G-Force 8


What happens if two brothers - who until recently have been involved in the construction, repair and sale of snow groomers - suddenly start building boats?


Gustav Morin from is asking himself this when G-Force 8 is about to be tested. A boat that, according to the rumor, should be something completely extraordinary when it comes to both hull shape and technical solutions. The manufacturer does not boast about its objective either. The G-Force 8 should outrun both XO and Anytec as well as Viggo and other similar brands within the marine industry.

"Bold moves"

There are outstanding solutions on this vessel that the boating world has never seen before. Just take the door and window at the aft edge of the cabin which can be opened completely so that the rubber-suspended cabin and aft deck forms one large unit. Or take the interior layout. Or the 80s-inspired driver's seat. Then top it off with the specially designed step in the bow that should facilitate stepping off and on board from the bow.

"Give it what it can take"

The list of new and different grips is long, but the question is still whether it is not the handling characteristics that distinguish the boat the most. As the name suggests, G-Force 8 is a boat that can withstand great forces and even though Gustav Morin is an experienced boat tester, this is the first time he has been asked by the manufacturer to "give the boat what it can handle".

The location is an island near Vaasa in Finland. On the agenda is "production site visit and a demanding test of the new G-Force 8" and it is time to disturb Gustav Morin from in the middle of all this.


Indeed, a visit to the production site - what impression did you get from it?
- You can say that the shipyard and the highly trained team that work here explain why the boats look the way they do. They have high ambitions and have been involved in construction, repair and sales for generations. In addition to boats, they have also manufactured and sold track carts and snow groomers. Just one such thing changes the whole game, says Gustav Morin.


And now they make boats of the same tough-skinned caliber?
- Yep, I'm the first to witness and even test-drive the new G-Force 8 which seems to be a promising addition to the G-Force 10 we've tested before.


Any early impressions of the G-Force 8?
- Yes, it is obvious that they have wanted to gift the market with something that does not already exist. We are therefore dealing with a boat that is said to be particularly durable and rich in finesse with solutions that you don't see on all boats.